Walking for Wellbeing is currently offering a 5 week intervention course that takes place one morning or afternoon per week. During the course, up to six participants from the same establishment will be introduced to an area of rural countryside. They will learn navigational skills whilst walking along a planned route and will also get a chance to explore their surroundings and discover the natural environment.

Throughout the course, participants will be set individual and team challenges according to their own ability. They will learn new skills, discover strengths and develop resilience, confidence and teamwork skills. By giving young people an opportunity to have ‘green time’, their behaviour and concentration levels can improve. They will learn to deal with feelings of stress and anxiety and will be able to engage in mentoring discussions with staff whilst in a relaxed environment.

Participants will be encouraged to self evaluate in order to notice the positive changes that they are making. Following a debrief at the end of the course, they will each be awarded a certificate of completion and formal reports will be submitted to establishments.