This course will involve taking children and young people along with their parent(s) or carer(s) to an area of rural countryside.  They will learn basic navigational skills following very clear and easily accessible footpaths.  The children and young people will be given time to explore their surroundings and discover the natural environment.  Parents and carers will be encouraged to engage in these activities with their children and will also be taught how to assess and manage risk.

Aside from the physical health benefits of walking, the participants will also experience improved mental wellbeing as they connect with nature.  The sessions will give families a chance to connect with each other in a non-formal environment.  By gaining navigational skills and becoming familiar and comfortable with the natural environment, parents and carers will be empowered to continue to take their children walking and exploring nature, maintaining the benefits they experience whilst on the course.

The course will be completely tailored to the need of the family, including the activities, the number of sessions and the length of the sessions.